Acceptable Use and Code of Conduct

Satori is operated by the MIT Research Computing Project ( and certain appropriate common sense rules apply to working on it.

Acceptable Use Guidelines

The Satori resource is intended for research associated with MIT projects or collaborations around MIT research projects. That can cover a lot of things, but all account holders are expected to use judgement and apply common sense to their use of the system. The system is not to be used to support commercial activities or for non-MIT related activities. It is not to be used for anything that might be construed as illegal or criminal. Datasets on the system must have been obtained legitimately and the system is not to be used for working with unanonymized data or data subject to ITAR or other national security restrictions. If you are unsure about a planned use, please feel free to contact

Account holders should not share accounts and should take reasonable precautions to ensure that credentials for accessing the system (passwords, ssh keys etc…) are kept secure. All account holders agree to respect requests from support staff around how they use the system. The support staff may, as needed, impose whatever policies are required to ensure the system runs well for all projects on the system.

Code of Conduct

The Satori system is a shared resource used by a wide community. All people involved in its use and operations should try their utmost to be courteous at all times. Members of the Satori community should be respectful toward one another and endeavor to ensure a welcoming and collegial environment for all. Account holders are also expected to respect privacy of others activities on the system, and not to try to gain access to parts of the system they are not explicitly authorized to access.