Getting help on Satori

Email help

If you need help with anything , please email Tech support is mostly normal business hours, so responses are usually quicker during regular work hours. Response times during the night and over weekend and holidays (or when there is a lot going on!) can be slower.

The technical support team are familiar with some aspects of applications software and are always willing to help. For some things though, like troubleshooting advanced AI workflows, it can be good to reach out to other people using the system as they may have useful advice/tricks. The Satori slack channel is available for connecting everyone on Satori in a more free-form way.


A Slack channel for advice, discussion, advanced problem solving and more is available to all Satorians. You can connect to the channel here . To request an invite to te Slack channel follow this link .

Slack or

For basic things, like I can’t log in an email to is probably best. For more involved things like Does anyone know how to make Horovod do parallel I/O properly the Slack channel may be more useful.

Tips and Tricks

There is a Tips and Tricks section in the Satori documentation web pages. That can be a useful place to find out specific weird commands or environment variables that have proved useful. If you have material to contribute there, please feel free to add things via Git.