Satori Basics

What is Satori?

Satori is a GPU dense, high-performance Power 9 system developed as a collaboration between MIT and IBM. It has 64 1TB memory Power 9 nodes. Each node hosts four NVidia V100 32GB memory GPU cards. Within a node GPUs are linked by an NVLink2 network that supports nearly 200GB/s bi-directional transfer between GPUs. A 100Gb/s Infiniband network with microsecond user space latency connects the cluster nodes togehter.

How can I get an account?

Access requires active MIT Kerberos credentials (available to all students, employees and sponsored guest accounts ). To have an account created on Satori please visit the Satori portal ( and log in using MIT Kerberos credentials.

New user accounts are granted storage in two locations with the following storage (block) and file (inode) quotas:

  • /home/<user> | 20GB & 500,000 files

  • /nobackup/users/<user> | 500GB & 1,000,000 files

Getting help?

If you are stuck and can’t find an answer in the web pages please feel free to email our support address with questions and requests.